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LucasArts is the publisher of BioWare's upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic but how involved in the game is founder and Star Wars creator George Lucas? Very, according to BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka.

"I haven't shown it to him [Lucas] personally, no," Muzyka told G4TV. "But I know he keeps his finger on the pulse of everything that LucasArts is working on, so I know he's involved in it. I've talked to him about the project in the past and I know he's excited about it."

When asked what Lucas thought of the orgasmic Old Republic trailer shown at E3, Muzyka said, "I don't know for sure that he's seen it but I imagine he has because he's very involved in the development side of things."

Given Lucas' recent track record, the thought of him having anything to do with the game's development likely frightens some of you. Still, the Star Wars empire is a vast one and The Eye of Lucas can't watch all of its corners at once. His arrangement with LucasArts is probably akin to Tom Clancy's relationship with Red Storm Entertainment - he's got some general oversight to ensure that the developers aren't completely mangling the source material.

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