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God Of War Movie Has Different Ending Than Game?

As you may already know, a film adaptation of God of War is currently in development. At least one entertainment reporter got a chance to read the script and while he notes that it's "almost slavishly" true to the game, it differs in one important respect: the ending.

(If you haven't finished the game or have any interest in the film, the following contains some fairly big spoilers)

At the end of the game, main character Kratos fights Ares (the Greek God of War) and kills him. Kratos is then offered the mantle of God of War and accepts. According to CC2K, he turns down the offer in the film and throws himself off of a cliff. Just before he splats on the rocks below, we hear him say, "Your turn, Hades..." and the film cuts to black.

So yeah, it's kind of like the end of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle when they're all, "Hey, we should totally go to Amsterdam!" It's a not-so-subtle indication of a sequel. In the second movie, I assume Kratos dies from the fall, wakes up in the Underworld, and fights Hades. While the first movie might follow the game pretty closely, it seems like the sequel would depart from God of War 2 quite a bit.

As CC2K notes, though, this ending could be revised as the cameras haven't started rolling on this project yet. This particular idea could just become an alternate ending on the DVD. This is all assuming, of course, that the movie is made.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.