Rockstar finally, finally got around to announcing Grand Theft Auto V. They've unveiled a teaser logo for the game on their website and promise a trailer will be arriving soon.

According to the image, the first trailer for GTA V will arrive on Wednesday, November 2nd. That's all they're saying on the subject for now.

With nothing but the logo to speculate on, let's speculate about the logo! The "V" is stylized like a dollar bill. I guess that means that the game's going to involve money and - alright, we've got nothing.

There were a couple rumors swirling about GTA V's setting. One rumor suggested that the game would take place in Hollywood - or Vinewood, as it's known in GTA. There were also some whispers about a DC setting.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released way back in April 2008. As of September 2011, the game has sold 22 million copies. With that kind of fanbase, there's obviously a lot of demand for a sequel. Rockstar was obviously going to make one - they don't hate money - but didn't say a word about it until today.

No word on when we can expect GTA V. Hopefully it'll arrive in 2012. Maybe that prediction's not just based on pure hope, though. It'd have to be somewhat close to completion if they've got enough footage to fill a trailer...right?

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