Reverb Publishing and Exato Games released a new video trailer for Guncraft – the game billed as Minecraft meets Battlefield – to show off the new prefabrication system, which enables users to drop pre-built structures directly into the game world, during competitive PvP matches.

As showcased in the video, the feature is pretty slick, as you can use the pre-fab tool to design all sorts of structures dictated in limitation only by the grid size and your imagination. Having a crow's nest sniping tower plopped right down in the middle of the battlefield was a smart move. Being able to build MG nests or barricades is an awesome way to completely change the course of action during a bout.

This emergent style of competitive play is a great mechanic. It's also something I wish was present in Ace of Spades, as the game seems to focus a lot more on the destruction aspect but not nearly as much on the ability to craft and build your way out of a mess. That's not to mention that I was really hoping there was just a lot more crafting options in Ace of Spades and there isn't, which means it's basically more of a shooter with Minecraft graphics.

Guncraft shows a lot of promise and, it too, alongside Edge of Space, is a crowd-funding alumni looking for a little extra help on Steam's Greenlight. Edge of Space, however, was recently approved for the Steam store, but now Guncraft has to find its way onto Steam as well, and if gamers at least take a quick look at it and show a little support, I'm sure it won't be long before Valve approves it. You can check out another trailer for the game below, which will hopefully convince you and your friends to give this poor clone an upvote or two.

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