Guncraft, the first-person shooter rendition of Minecraft, has received a brand new trailer courtesy of Reverb Publishing and Exato Games. The new trailer shows off a lot of fast-paced, hard hitting action, but one of the really neat things about the trailer is the ability to invade enemy territory with paratroopers.

The game originally made waves by debuting with a "Vet & Noob" trailer that parodied the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer.

The game sports a wide swath of weapons and vehicles to man and operate and is mostly a team-deathmatch game with various other modes tossed in to keep the replay values high. Much like Ace of Spades, Guncraft allows users to completely and entirely deconstruct the environments using physics-based damage. Shootouts force players to stay on the move, use cover and back their teammates up at every turn.

The ability to build and reinforce structures also plays a pretty big part in the way the game works as well, allowing for a very unique way to competitively play a shooter game. I definitely need to get some time in with the ongoing beta, and if you want to test it out as well feel free to grab a key by registering at the official website.

Exato and Reverb are also giving gamers and press a first-hand look at the game over at PAX East, but if you can't make it you can at least relish in the action-packed trailer they released. You can also show your support by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.

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