Hacker's Videos Show Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Are Complete

One of the biggest questions about the disc-locked characters for Street Fighter X Tekken has been if the characters are complete. The argument is that the hitboxes are off, they don't appear on the roster and that their intros and dialogues are broken. Well, new videos have surfaced proving that after some tweaking, the characters work perfectly fine. In fact, if we didn't tell you that they were DLC characters you would have assumed they were just missing characters from the main roster.

Originally, the videos for the 12 disc-locked characters contained mismatched names, no proper intros or endings and some sloppy gameplay for a few characters. The reason for this is that the hackers used a simple file-swap for the disc-locked characters for those who were already on the roster just for demonstration purposes. It's the equivalent of using a GameShark to swap move-sets for characters in Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

However, new videos from YouTube user FightingGameAddict have surfaced showing that these characters are completely and entirely playable and the hackers have unlocked them officially (without file swapping) and they appear on the roster, have the appropriate intros and the right names and titles, hitboxes and reactions.

Man, Bryan looks absolutely sick in that clown getup. I bet core fighting fans are tearing their hair out right now.

Anyways, it's starting to look really bad for Capcom now because the arguments are wearing thin. First the excuse was that the DLC characters had a separate budget and were designed after the fact, even though Cody and Guy showed up in early teaser trailers for the game and most of the Capcom fighters are ports from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Next up the excuse is that maybe all the character data wasn't on the disc but all the videos indicate that they're fully playable.

The next excuse was that this was all done for compatibility reasons even though that is a good argument why would people who don't own the DLC need the character prologue and ending movies if it's just for compatibility reasons? Wouldn't the character models and sounds be enough?

The excuse after that was that the characters weren't ready, weren't complete and weren't fully playable. Well, the videos above further prove otherwise, which now makes it look exceedingly bad given that Capcom still now has to answer as to why these characters simply weren't included on the main roster if the content was completed before the game went gold?

Capcom's Christian Svensson offered up a response that has nothing to do with the above question but hopefully we'll get it answered soon.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.