Halo 5 Multiplayer Map Removed Due To Cheaters

343 Industries is already on patching duty and balance detail. They're working to ensure that the game runs smooth, operates as it's intended to and that each of the maps aren't exploited to all get out. Given that one map has been exploited to all get out, it's been removed from the multiplayer playlist.

Over on the Halo Waypoint website 343 makes it known that based on the feedback they've received the map Orion due to being heavily exploited. It's stated on the website...

[…] we’re removing Orion, in its current form, from all playlists so that we can take some time to remove and patch map exploits as well as make additional improvements to the map before re-adding it where appropriate. In parallel, we’re also working on multiplayer spawns (and any exploits that arise) on existing maps as well, based on information from feedback and videos you’ve submitted as well as internal playtests.

While Orion may be removed from the playlist so that they can fix the exploit – an exploit that they don't necessarily discuss on the page – they are supplementing it with 15 brand new playlists.

But what about this Orion exploit in Halo 5's multiplayer? Well, there's a thread over on Reddit where they explain exactly how the exploit worked and what sort of cheating method it provided to players who attempted to gain an easy advantage over opponents. DarkriserPE laid out the predicament his team found themselves in, writing...

So, turns out you can leave the map. You have to stand on the railing of the stairs by the Rail Gun, and then thrust off and Ground Pound past the water. You can then roam freely. An enemy did this at the start of a match. He later died and we gained the lead. Once we had the lead, he took a Sniper and left the map. He was so far out, only a Sniper could get him, which he had in his hands. My team was then picked off until the enemy gained the lead.

They link to the video of the exploit being used and asked if it was a bannable offense. Instead of just banning users who utilize the exploit, 343 Industries made it known that they were aware of the issue and instead decided to remove the map out of Halo 5's playlist rotation until they can fix it.

The new Shotty Sniper playlists are live for this weekend.

There's no actual ETA on when the Orion map will return to the rotation, but don't be surprised if 343 has to continually make slight adjustments to some maps as players experiment with Halo 5's new armor abilities and push the maps to their absolute limits in finding whatever advantage they can to get a leg up on the competition.

It's also important for 343 to address this problem as soon as possible because Microsoft has a lot riding on Halo 5's return to the eSports arena and they really want the game to stand alongside the likes of Call of Duty and Counter-Strike in the prominent hall of eSports titles.

Halo 5 is available right now, exclusively for the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.