Counter-Strike Global Offensive's Hitboxes Have Been Fixed

Valve has made some pretty big changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They've completely retooled the game's skeletal system and upgraded the hitboxes to better accurately represent the player states.

Over on the Counter-Strike website they have a blog post explaining how they've completely overhauled the skeletal system to coincide with an all new per-body part hitbox, where instead of it being a giant rectangular hitbox for certain parts of a character's body, it's now a more modular design to coincide with the character's movement, position and the animation that they're playing.

As mentioned on the blog...

The new system modernizes the player’s skeleton and hitboxes to better express at-a-glance exactly what your enemies and teammates are doing. We’ve upgraded all the existing body animations, and added some new ones like visible weapon deploys, bomb defusing, and ladder-climbing.

This is exciting news (or at least it should be exciting news) for Counter-Strike: GO players. The addition of third-person world animations for actions taking place only makes a ton of sense. It always bothered me that they would have two different view-models where in first-person the animation sets differ from the third-person actors.

I love that RSI and Cloud Imperium Games already from the get-go maintained that the first and third-person view-models are the same entity/actor and that they won't have two separate instances running in Star Citizen. This means that whatever you see in first-person in Star Citizen is whatever everyone else sees in third-person in their screen.

Using RSI's method for first-person shooter gameplay maintains a consistency across the board so that weapon firing, hitboxes and interactions maintain synchronicity for all players. The fact that it took Valve this long to adopt that kind of authenticity and mechanical aesthetic for Counter-Strike: GO is kind of disappointing. Bohemia Interactive have been using this method for their Arma games for years, and it's just a far more accurate way of synching animations, movements and hit-detection across the board.

However, in the case of Counter-Strike: GO, it still doesn't share third-person and first-person actors, it's just that third-person actors now have more animations and they now more accurately represent what's happening in first-person. This should, in theory, help tone down the complaints about hit-detection and poor hitbox implementation.

Counter-Strike: GO was always on the Combat Arms tier in my book as far as gameplay mechanics go, but it's at least good that Valve is finally upgrading the experience for hardcore and competitive players.

In the changelog they acknowledge that all world model weapon animations have been changed, all player model geometry has been re-rigged, new player states for rigging and defusing bombs have been added, the ragdolls have been rebuilt, and the animation network has been updated for better synching.

The update also made some gameplay changes as well, such as reduced clipping where weapons and players would poke through thin walls. They made some tweaks to some of the weapons, and even updated the UI that suffered from some minor bugs. Interestingly enough they also added a new report feature for reporting enemies for anti-competitive griefing or losing on purpose.

You can check out the entire changelog over on the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.