A new video has been released for the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection that covers one of the more popular maps from Halo 2... Lockout. I never really liked the map because it was too small and circular but it was easily one of the more popular maps in online matches.

The trailer above is broken down into two parts: the first part is a just over a minute and a half of some actual multiplayer gameplay taking place on the map, featuring some free-for-all and team deathmatch. It's nice seeing that dual-wielding feature back in action and a lot of the tactics from the map on display, such as quick-sniping and then fast-switching to the Battle-rifle to finish off an opponent. Classic.

The second half of the trailer is a basic fly-through of the map, giving gamers an idea of what to expect from the remastered map. In fact, from the previous section we saw one of the new additions to the map as far as hazards go, with an ice block hanging overhead ready to be shot so it can fall onto the heads of anyone unlucky enough to be underneath it.

Lockout is one of the six multiplayer maps from the original Halo 2 that has been remastered for Halo 2: Anniversary Edition. The six maps are basically structured the same as their original outings except that they have some visual overhauls and additional interactivity that helps them stand apart from how they were originally envisioned.

For instance, in the Sanctuary map there's a new waterfall feature that will help obscure the view, or, as showcased in the video above, in Lockout you can shoot the rocks to come tumbling down on an unsuspecting opponent. One of the bigger changes comes in the form of Ascension's shield. The map has an option where players can run into either of the structures on the map and activate the shield around the energy spike in the middle.

In the case of Ascension it's more-so based around being able to manage what happens in the center of the stage. It's kind of neat because players can engage in some melee deathmatch once the shield goes up. For a limited time anyone trapped inside is just stuck in there with no way to get out and anyone on the outside have no way of getting in. I imagine this will play a pretty big tactical role in modes like Juggernaut and Team Skull.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is shaping up to be one of the bigger games to drop this fall for the home consoles, as it will feature tons of content, four full games and enough replay value to keep the action moving along well after the first or second play-through.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is due for release on November 11th in North America and November 14th in Europe and will have a beta access program for Halo 5. You can learn more by visiting the game's official website.

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