Can you really trust anything spoken about anything coming from EA? I don't know, they're a tough pill to swallow these days. So how much of EA's word can trust when they say that the Wii U will be a legitimate option for hardcore twitch gamers? Well, you'll have to judge for yourself when you finally get your hands on Nintendo's newest console.

According to an interview with Now Gamer, line producer Matt Prior for the Wii U's FIFA 13 – which of course, promises not to be a simple title-exchange like it was with FIFA 13 on the Wii – goes on record to say...
"A lot of people wrote off the Wii because we live in the world of hardcore twitch gamers, right? So a lot of people around us, they didn’t see the appeal of the Wii because they were thinking as a hardcore twitch gamer,"

"Now I think even a hardcore twitch gamer can appreciate this console. If you then factor in the casual guys, who are maybe upgrading from the Wii, I think it has a real potential to do well. I hope it does well because I think the world is a better place when there are three competing consoles rather than two or one dominating."

Nintendo has also gone on record of saying that they, too, would like to bridge out and bring back the hardcore gamer with the Wii U. The original Wii was a shovelware themepark attraction and was a total bust for moving software outside of casual/social games aimed at old people and die-hard Nintendo fans.

Right now The Big 'N' is viewed as the dark horse in the console race mostly because most third-party support consists of ports from the 360 and PS3. And even if the Wii U has the potential to scale for visual output equivalent to mid-to-high range PCs, they'll need some hard-hitting exclusives to win over the fanboys from the Sony and MS camp. Heck, Nintendo will need some hard-hitting exclusives to win over the PC Master Race...if they really want core gamers back.

Right now the verdict is still out on whether the Wii U can deliver and the one game that could decide that is Ubisoft's ZombiU, which is a through and through hardcore shooter aimed to be the headlining, exclusive hardcore launch title for the Wii U.

The system itself launches next month in North America and Europe. The Wii U will also launch in Japan in early December.

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