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Soon Rock Band creators Harmonix will show us what they've been working on these past few months. They plan to unveil their upcoming game at PAX East next week.

"Join Harmonix developers as they discuss and dissect ten years of beatmatch gameplay creation, tracking their long and glorious tradition of designing music rhythm games like Frequency and Amplitude right up to the first public reveal of a brand new title!" reads the description of their PAX East panel.

The listing for the panel almost mentions that they'll give a "synopsis of the design history" of this game. Because the panel's only an hour long and seems to cover a number of different subjects, we probably won't find out too much about this game, though. The title will be on display at Harmonix's booth on the convention floor but again, keep your expectations reasonable. Sometimes companies will simply hook up a television that plays the single trailer of a game over and over.

Clues about Harmonix's next game surfaced in January. A designer's resume indicated that he was making a game at the studio for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Facebook. The game was said to feature microtransactions and "deep social network integration."

PAX East will be held in Boston from April 6th to 8th. Harmonix's panel, entitled "Harmonix and the Evolution of Beatmatch Gameplay," runs from 10:30-11:30AM on the 7th.

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