Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Bosses Announced By Blizzard

Blizzard has confirmed the full list of boss fights in Hearthstone's expansion Curse of Naxxramas. The list of enemies should look familiar to World of Warcraft veterans.

Naxxramas was one of the earliest raid instances in WoW. The floating necropolis is a major base for the Arthas the Lich King that produces new soldiers for his undead army. Like the WoW raid that inspired it, Curse of Naxxramas features five wings with fifteen bosses. Here's a breakdown of each wing:

Arachnid Quarter

  • Crypt Lord Anub'Rekhan - Anub'Rekhan was once a leader of the nerubians, an intelligent and spider-like race that lived in secrecy for millenia before being conquered by the Lich King. The fallen nerubian lord was resurrected by the Lich King to guard the inner chambers of this wing.
  • Grand Widow Faerlina - Faerlina is a human cultist that helps raise the army of spiders produced in the Arachnid Quarter. The extensive time she spends with these spiders has made her proficient with poisons.
  • Maexxna - The source of the Lich King's spiders is Maexxna. This enormous spider will web and eat any intruders into her domain.

The Plague Quarter

  • Noth the Plaguebringer - Noth was once a mage of Dalaran. However, he joined the Lich King in hopes of increasing his power and now serves as a necromancer in his army.
  • Heigan the Unclean - Helghan is an alchemist that created a powerful undead plague. Countless humans, plants and animals were corrupted throughout Lordaeron due to his handiwork.
  • Loatheb - Loatheb, a corrupted swamp monster, is a striking example of the undead plague's effects. The plague has enabled Loatheb to spray deadly spores that can hurt enemies while also preventing them from healing themselves.

The Military Quarter

  • Instructor Razuvious - Razuvious trains the Death Knights in the Lich King's army. Adventurers must use his students against him to have a chance at surviving.
  • Gothik the Harvester - Like Razuvious, Gothik instructs Death Knights. His specialty is necromancy. Players will have to contend with ghouls, skeletons and other minions resurrected by him.
  • The Four Horsemen - Baron Rivendare commands the royal guard of Naxxramas along with his three companions. All four are deadly opponents with their own special sets of abilities.

The Construct Quarter

  • Patchwerk - Kel'Thuzad's most powerful abomination is Patchwerk. He possesses extraordinary strength and speed that let him pound enemies into submission with an enormous meat cleaver.
  • Grobbulus - Grobbulus is a flesh giant designed to spread the undead plague as quickly as possible. His arm has been replaced with a giant syringe filled with the plague.
  • Gluth - Gluth is a plague-dog with an unusual diet: zombies. He chomps down the undead in order to heal himself in battle, making him a hard opponent to take down.
  • Thaddius - The most frightening creation in the Construct Quarter is Thaddius, an abomination fused together with electricity. Adventurers will have to fight him as well as his wight minions Stalagg and Feugen.

Frostwyrm Lair

  • Sapphiron - An undead dragon is a deadly enough opponent. However, Sapphiron is even more formidable because of his skill with ice magic.
  • Kel'Thuzad - Kel'Thuzad is a powerful archlich and the master of Naxxramas. Once one of the most powerful mages alive, he's become even mightier in undeath. He surrounds himself with a legion of undead to ward off intruders.

By defeating the bosses of Curse of Naxxramas, players will earn new cards for their collection. Once they've completed the entirety of Naxxramas, they can tackle specific challenges to unlock class-specific cards.

Blizzard said that Curse of Naxxramas will be released sometime in July. It's the first expansion to the card game. The development says that the framework they've created for Naxxramas will make future expansions come even faster.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.