Homefront: The Revolution Won't Have Load Screens For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Crytek is aiming to make sure that Homefront: The Revolution will at least be a memorable title for home consoles and PC when it launches next year. While the studio may be in some kind of financial trouble, they're still talking up and hyping up their new first-person shooter.

Examiner picked out some notable quotes from producer Fasahat Salim, in an interview with Games.tm.co.uk.

Salim talked about the game's open-world space and how the map would be broken down into three main districts, explaining...

We’ve got no load screens. The world is big, big, big. Fictionally, it is broken down into three different zones... It’s the closest thing to the Wild West in 2029 Philadelphia. This is the place a lot of interesting things happen. It’s a very expansive space.”

Not having load screens is pretty cool, but we've been in a “no load-screen” zone since the PS2 era. Not having loading screens in an open-world title is usually standard-fare for that genre of game.

Still, the whole point is to try to build an open-world game that focuses on guerrilla warfare. It's not necessarily something that we get in a lot of games, and it's certainly not something that's oftentimes done properly. However, this is one of the stronger focuses for Crytek at the moment...

"We want to make sure the player is getting the guerrilla experience. He should know what it feels like to be a guerrilla fighter. We’ve focused and built the game around that principle and that we got from the original Homefront,"

To this end, Salim makes it known that The Revolution isn't so much a direct sequel as it is a spiritual successor. The game follows on the events that took place in the original game, but in a totally different way and with a whole new outlook on the gameplay.

Previously, Crytek made it known that the game would be running at 30 frames per second on both the Xbox One and the PS4. The game's lock-in at the 30fps mark is due to the game's massive world and interactive functionality.

It wasn't detailed exactly how functional the game's world is, but we get a brief idea based on Ryan's exclusive preview content from this past year's E3.

The only thing that Crytek needs to do now is explain whether or not the game will be 1080p on both the Xbox One and PS4, or if we'll continue to see some resolution and performance disparity between both consoles, similar to Watch Dogs or top-tier multiplatform games.

For now, Crytek's biggest concern is probably just trying to survive the rumors and potential trappings of being in the red. There are growing concerns that the studio is on the verge of bankruptcy and that they may not even be able to finish developing Homefront: The Revolution.

The game, for now, is still scheduled to release sometime in 2015 next year. It will be made available for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and on PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.