How Arby's Reacted To The Pokemon Sun And Moon News

Pokemon Sun and Moon got its first legitimate trailer yesterday morning and, with it, we also got the expected dose of folks arguing over which starter was clearly the best. The answer is Rowlet, of course. What wasn’t expected, however, was how fast food chain Arby’s would react to the new trailer, complete with some creative artwork.

If you peruse Arby’s Twitter feed, you’ll find that the makers of delicious roast beef sandwiches and curly fries also appears to have its finger on the pulse of geeky culture. Using bits of an Arby’s bag, for instance, they recently tweeted out pictures of scrap-booked Captain America and Iron-Man in honor of Civil War, saying it was tough to pick a side. Using that same technique, they’ve also got a picture that reads “Dragonby’s Z” that asks anime publisher FUNimation if this is “what you’re Saiyan.” Clever stuff.

Yesterday, however, whoever runs Arby’s Twitter feed had plenty of time, and I’m guessing toothpicks, on their hand, as they produced the following piece of artwork boasting the new symbols for Pokemon Sun and Moon crafted out of condiments.

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You’ve really got to appreciate their one-liner saying “this is a great way to start the day,” as it refers to both the new Pokemon trailer launching, as well as their thoughts on why you should drop by Arby’s in the morning. In case you forgot, Arby’s serves breakfast now.

Pokemon fans were also fond of this clever creation, as the tweet has gone on to receive more than 14,000 likes and 7,635 retweets. Sure, that doesn’t really compare to the recent reception of the Battlefield 1 trailer, but for a game about questionable animal capture and fighting practices, it’s not bad.

Other video games Arby’s has celebrated run the gamut, including Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Fallout 4 and even Rocket League. I never thought I’d be saying this, but the Arby’s twitter feed is worth a gander if you’ve got some free time.

Unfortunately, Arby’s did not weigh in on the most important question: Which starter will they be choosing? As mentioned earlier, the proper-as-hell owl with a bowtie is the obvious choice, but we’ll also accept the fire-breathing kitten. If you choose the seal that shoots bubbles, however, you may need to reconsider how you’re living your life.

We’ll accept your thoughts on the starters, as well as links to other clever bits of Arby’s art, in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.