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While Tvii and Netflix still haven't launched on the Nintendo Wii U just yet, video streaming service Hulu has moved ahead of the pack and, if you're rocking the Big N's new home console, you can now enjoy hundreds of shows and movies right from your TV (Your regular TV. As I said, TVii is still a no show).

You need to be a Hulu Plus subscriber to actually enjoy Hulu's programming through your Wii U, a service that will set you back about eight bucks a month. You'll also get limited commercials while watching your content, but we're only talking one, or two short ones, plugged into regular commercial break slots.

Featuring shows like the hilarious Parks and Recreation, the BBC's hit The Misfits and the enchanted Once Upon a Time, Hulu's dozens of shows are complemented by a library of streaming films that include loads of classics from the Criterion Collection. In other words, there's a lot of content here for you to get through, and it comes from pretty much every genre imaginable.

You'll have full control of your selecting and control options through the Wii U pad and, like most of the Wii U's offerings, you can even pull whatever you're watching onto the pad itself, making it into a cute lil' TV in the palm of your hands.

We all learn things a little bit differently, so thankfully the folks over at Hulu have put together a nifty little tutorial to help everyone get started using their service on the Wii U. There, you'll find a video that walks you through the Hulu Wii U app's features, as well as said instructions in a written format. Peruse it, learn it, boot up your Wii U and get to watching stuff.

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