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Gamers have been begging, pleading with developer Heart Machine to port Hyper Light Drifter to the Wii U, as reported by Nintendo Life. The upcoming Zelda-style, alternate-dimension, mechanical-arcadia adventure game has received nothing but high praise, but gamers are gunning with all their wallet's might to get this title on Nintendo's latest console.

Many of Kickstarters that have been crowd-funded have been done so by nostalgia-driven gamers looking for high-end adventure titles, RPGs and platforming titles that rekindle a bit of the old while combining it with the new. Many of these games are also the same kind of titles that were oftentimes found on the N64 and SNES.

Now the thing to keep in mind is that while the Wii U's sales are stagnate, a lot of people haven't taken the dive to buy one because it lacks games. As a way to levy this problem Nintendo has been gung-ho trying to pick up indie devs left and right to support the platform and gamers have been supporting small teams left and right to help fill out the Wii U's library. Essentially, GAMERS are trying to do their hardest to help Nintendo's platform look more appealing to other gamers. Is that not crazy or what?

Quite naturally, any and every game that looks like it would be on a past (or present) Nintendo console has received just enough support to warrant a port over to the Wii U. While analysts decry the system's success on a regular basis and system wars threads ignore the console as a legitimate competitor in the next-gen race, gamers are actually coming to the aid of the Wii U because they do see some huge potential. Essentially, the gaming community is offering to provide Nintendo with the third-party support they so desperately need and that bigger publishers have so willingly avoided.

So why do people so very much want Hyper Light Drifter to be on the Wii U? Well, it's a great looking game with an endearing art-style and some interesting gameplay mechanics. It hearkens back to the days of Strider and Secret of Mana, while promising the same level of engagement as The Legend of Zelda. Whether or not the game will be as iconic as the aforementioned titles remains to be seen, but seeing as how they've already accrued $400,000 out of their $27,000 goal, it's safe to say that the game will at least be made.

As for the Wii U version of Hyper Light Drifter... the team posted an update letting people know how much it would cost and what the status of it is...
We've had a lot of request for Wii U support. We hear you! It's a platform that deserves some love, and we're currently in talks with Nintendo directly on the subject. I think if we can reach the $500,000 goal it will be possible - though keep in mind that any new platform costs a fair amount of money and time to QA and port over/translate, with their own set of requirements, so it's not as simple as one would hope. We'll keep everyone updated as we continue to push for this gem of a platform.

The lead designer on the project also noted that they would need to pay an outside QA team to test each port independently to ensure that the game works the way it should on PC, PS Vita and potentially the Wii U.

Gamers, however, are thrilled at the prospect of seeing this title on Nintendo's machine and are rallying the forces for the final 10 days of Hyper Light Drifter's Kickstarter campaign. If you would like to see the game on the Nintendo Wii U, feel free to pledge your support right now before it's too late by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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