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Imagine a game that combines Terraria with The Legend of Zelda with Super Mario World and you have yourself a little something-something called Everworld Island. The game combines the creative emergent elements found in many other indie games out there while also combining the likes of traditional platforming titles.

Everworld Island also takes a lot of creative freedoms by tossing in elements of traditional role-playing with tons of adventure exploration. The one thing that really helps set Everworld apart from other games is that the world is so dynamic and unpredictable – there are enemies to face off against, treasures to uncover and obstacles to overcome.

I also really love the art-style of the game and just how easy-going and nostalgic it is. It seems to draw back to the platforming era of the NES but with the visual aesthetics from 16-bit games.

If you like what Everworld Island is attempting to sell, feel free to pay visit to the official Greenlight page to upvote and favorite the game.

Hyper Light Drifter... a game after my own heart. The first five seconds of the trailer had already won me over. This game feels so authentic – this is like a game that escaped from the golden age of gaming from the 90s and managed to find itself in our good graces in this day and age.

Heart Machine is also running a Kickstarter but you don't have to worry about this game getting Kickstarted because it was funded by more than 1,000% and it still has more than 20 days to go in crowd-funding. Gamers spoke and spoke loudly with their wallets and this game definitely deserves it. Even though it's already funded, you can still help support the game over on the official Kickstarter page.

The game definitely basks greatly in the interpolation of active combat, platforming and some light puzzle solving. The game reminds me greatly of Bastion and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, as there are isometric elements of adventure while also having required moments of fast thinking in order to stay alive.

I love the way the game looks and the music... oh man... the music. It's like I've died and gone to the golden age heaven. You can upvote Hyper Light Drifter right now by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page.

The last game on the list is Inescapable. Yeah, we really jam packed this article with goods, eh? Anyway, Inescapable is a Flashback or Blackthorne kind of game where you have to traverse through the sometimes hostile game world to uncover what happened to the crew and what happened to the mining operation on the planet.

The game has a very similar look to Jurassic Park 2 that was on the SNES. The animations are also pretty-spot on and I love the subdued sense of unraveling the plot with small snippets of exposition and character interaction here and there. That's so slick.

A lot of indie games really seem to be pushing the boundaries when it comes to quality storytelling and gameplay mechanics and it's a great time to be a gamer. If you like what you've seen from Inescapable, feel free to upvote and favorite the game over on Steam's Greenlight.

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