Am I The Only One Who Can't Stop Watching The Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer?

Back in college, I used to play Call Of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2 on my Xbox 360. At the time, I didn’t see a difference in the two. They were both first-person shooters and though slightly different gameplay, both fairly similar in how they played. But today, the two franchises couldn’t be farther from each other. And Battlefield’s most recent reveal has me hooked so badly, I can’t stop rewatching the reveal trailer. 

The first reason I can’t stop watching is the music. I consider myself a pretty creative person and I’ve dabbled in video editing, so when it comes to picking a song for something like a game trailer, it not only has to be riveting, but has to capture the essence of the the trailer depicts. Has to poke the viewers in the all the right places. The Glitch Mob’s Seven Nation Army Remix was the perfect song to go along with the trailer. 

Battlefield 1 has been described as a grittier and more brutal game than its predecessors. The Glitch Mob’s Seven Nation Army Remix is just that: gritty. Combine that with gritty and unforgiving battle scenes and it’s seamless in how well they pair together.

World War I is a war that was hardly covered in World History. While Vietnam was broadcast on TV, World War I didn’t have that kind of technology. It’s a mystery to so many people. So when Battlefield introduces this war to players, we’re opened up to a whole new playing field. And to actually see what EA and DICE have done with those World War I ideas in the trailer is hard to look away from. The extreme brutality, the time that has gone into creating this gritty and merciless journey was, for a snippet of time, revealed in this mere one minute and 19 second video.

It's no coincidence that the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer has been dubbed the most liked trailer in YouTube history, with 21.5 million views and over one million likes. And on the other hand, the new Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer has 281,000 likes and almost 1.5 million dislikes. How does that even happen? 

Speaking of epic failure, I thought the Battlefield franchise was done after they released Battlefield Hardline. It was an idea trapped in the magnificent shadows of what Battlefield used to be and I for sure thought that was the end. I really thought there was no way they would recover from that failure of a game. But I was so wrong. I can’t stop watching the Battlefield 1 trailer because it astounds me how blown away I am by the gameplay possibilities, the weaponry, vehicles, and hell, they even have a female playable character to top it all off—mind-numbingly brutal, true to history and progressive. And in case you are a little behind (or just want to watch it again), check out the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer below. 

So what was your favorite part of the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer and what are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.