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Sucker Punch Studios and Sony unveiled another big exclusive for the PlayStation 4 called this fine evening called inFamous: Second Son. This game is a real wallop and a mean punch to the face in regards to how it plans to approach the super hero genre and the trailer helps setup the game for players eager to step back into the role of a hero...or a villain.

Sucker Punch's Nate Fox walked on stage during Sony's big event tonight, talked about some really awesome concepts involving safety, police states and the possibility of people taking down intrusive government by using super powers and then dropped this trailer on everybody.

The thing is, that trailer doesn't really put into context what Fox was talking about on stage. Based on his impressions of the story setup, players may find themselves as heroes fighting for or against the establishment and build a reputation as a hero or villain based on their actions, very similar to previous inFamous games but potentially with a much larger gameplay scope.

We don't have much more info other than that, but it's good to note that Sony was dropping one exclusive reveal after another, letting everyone know that they've got a nice cache of games in store both big and small when it's time to launch the PlayStation 4.

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