A new website popped up with a countdown, currently at 10 days and 22 hours as of the writing of this article. The website's slogan is simply "Are you worthy?" I suppose we'll all know if we're worthy or not 10 days from now.

For those of you who don't know, IronClad Games is known for their space-strategy titles, Sins of a Solar Empire. They specialize in sci-fi, strategy warfare meaning that the new game will obviously be strategy oriented. We know it's an MMO because Montreal-based parent company 7G Entertainment opened up Infinite Game Publishing for digital-only releases, such as the upcoming MechWarrior Online. Infinite Games will focus primarily on publishing free-to-play MMOs, so that kind of gives away a lot right there.

Gaming Blend's managing editor Pete Haas suspects that the text-style and aesthetics of the teaser website lends itself to the credence of being a medieval title. Judging by the greenish-brown palette with a dash of rustic red, I would tend to agree.

So what do we gather from all this information? The countdown is for a free-to-play MMORTS from IronClad Games, which may be set in a medieval universe. That's a wild guess...it could be a third-person MMO shooter set in a futuristic cyber-punk universe, but I tend to doubt that.

You can check out the Official Teaser Website for IronClad's upcoming title and we'll be sure to keep you posted on additional information as soon as becomes available.

Thanks Agusta P. for the news tip.

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