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This Japanese Metal Gear Solid 5 Commercial Is Hilarious And Perfect

While Metal Gear Solid has always boasted violent action and gritty plots, each game in the series has also offered a healthy dose of unbridled silliness. That’s why this latest Japanese trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain feels so, so right.

Have you ever wondered what a Metal Gear-themed wedding would look like? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as PlayStation Japan has officially launched one of the most off-the-wall trailers for a video game ever. We get to see the happy couple walk down the aisle in boxes, get hitched, enjoy a reception (including the cutting of the cake), and then take part in a touching slideshow.

That’s all capped off by a collection of cardboard box exits that would make Big Boss proud.

Early reviews for The Phantom Pain are already rolling in, praising the game in pretty much every category. A common theme, though, is that this latest romp with the Snake family has a tendency to get a bit darker than past entries. From the trailers alone we can gather that there’s more violence and bloodshed, and last year’s prequel chapter, Ground Zeroes, boasted some pretty graphic content.

Still, don’t take that to mean that Director Hideo Kojima and his team have lost their sense of humor. There’s plenty of that MGS-flavored goofiness waiting to be discovered, including a chicken hat that you can wear to make the game a bit easier. Oh, and you can airlift livestock out of warzones, and it looks just as hilarious as it sounds.

At this point, The Phantom Pain is so close to launching that fans of the series can practically taste it. Set to arrive on Sept. 1 for the PS3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, we’re only a few days away from uncovering the missing link in the current Metal Gear story. By the time The Phantom Pain wraps up, we should be just about ready to butt up against the events from the OG Nintendo’s Metal Gear.

While Konami will likely continue the series following Kojima’s departure, The Phantom Pain should wrap up his legendary series nicely.

And in case you prefer to prepare for Big Boss’ next mission with a decidedly more dramatic tone, here’s a final look at the game’s launch trailer, which was directed by Kojima himself and reminds us just how far the series has come.

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