While every gaming site on the planet rolls out its “best of 2012” list, online retailer Amazon has decided to get in on all of the fun, publishing its own top 20 list for this past year’s video game offerings.

According to the posting, the Amazon Games staff began narrowing down its selections shortly following E3 in June. That probably gave them a nice head start heading into the typically crammed fall season, when even more titles would be vying for everyone's love and attention. Along with staff opinions, the Amazon list also took into account the opinions of its shoppers.

“We relied on your reviews to ensure our choices were in line with the opinions of our customers,” the post states. “Once we had it down to a set of forty titles, some of the more serious gamers were recruited to discuss (and argue over) the list in an effort to select the best twenty games of the year.”

While my order would certainly be different, I can’t really argue with the selections made for the best games of the past year. And without further ado, here are Amazon’s top 20 games of 2012.

20) Call of Duty: Black Ops II
19) Lumines: Electronic Symphony
18) Max Payne 3
17) Assassin’s Creed III
16) Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
15) Sleeping Dogs
14) Guild Wars II
13) Diablo III
12) Gravity Rush
11) Need for Speed: Most Wanted
10) The Last Story
9) Hotline Miami
8) Darksiders II
7) Halo 4
6) The Walking Dead
5) Mass Effect 3
4) Dishonored
3) XCOM: Enemy Unknown
2) Borderlands 2
1) Journey: Collector’s Edition

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