Hit online shooter Killing Floor has officially kicked off the Summer Sideshow Event, bringing loads of additional content to this twisted FPS at no additional cost to those who already own the game. We're talking new maps, new enemies, new playable characters and new weapons, all ready to be downloaded and keep you indoors through that final push into the cooler fall season.

The freaks are back, meaning that all of the diabolical sideshow baddies have returned from last year's Summer Sideshow Event, replacing the usual Killing Floor enemies for a limited time. You can even get to know your new targets on the latest free map, Hellride, which takes players on a whirl through heaven and hell, complete with crazed monsters lurking around every corner.

This year's Summer Sideshow also boasts five new weapons, a limited edition character, Steampunk Mr. Foster (available only during the event) and a new “Urban Nightmare” character pack. You'll even have access to nine new Steam achievements and 16 additional achievements specific to the Sideshow Event.

The nightmarish antics only run through July 23, so you'd better get to all of that killing with a quickness. For more details and a look at those new DLC weapons, head on over to the Killingfloor website. You'll also find a link at the bottom of that page giving you quick access to purchasing the game on Steam, where it has been marked down by 50 percent ($9.99) for a limited time.

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