The Kite: Social Realism Adventure Game Coming Soon

The forefront of evolution in video game experiences usually lies with the independent community. Every once in a blue moon a big publisher might dump tens of millions of dollars into a big-budget game that is unique, original and evolutionary in its genre, but it's oh-so-very rare. With that said, indie developer Anate Studio has released a new game adventure game about survival in a post-war, modernist environment. The game is currently being localized for westerners with an English version coming out soon.

According to Indie Game Magazine, The Kite was recently released as a free-to-play adventure title. Gamers looking for a mature, narrative-based game will definitely find it in The Kite.

Players assume the role of a mother, married to a changed man suffering from PTSD and struggling to feed her son. The urban setting gives gamers a more familiarized aesthetic, with gangs, poverty and starvation playing pivotal roles in the way the story unfolds. A very tragic event occurs in the game that really puts the story into high-gear, where a mother must desperately try to save her family. It kind of reminds me a lot of something that David Cage and crew might have cooked up over at Quantic Dream Studios.

In its current state, The Kite is only available in Russian. So if you download the game now unless you can read Russian it won't be very understandable. The team at Anate Studio is currently working on an English translation for the game, which should be coming out soon. You can read up more on the story and plot as well as check out a video over at Indie Game Magazine.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.