The Kojima Productions Logo Is Hiding Something Mysterious, According To Kojima

Hideo Kojima, recently made independent from Konami, has revealed that the new logo to Kojima Productions is actually more than what it seems. In fact, they have plans on turning it into a full figure down the line.

Gamespot spotted the quote from the legendary developer in an interview he had with Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine, where Kojima stated...

I can't really say yet, […] but this logo has a secret. It has a full body, a really cool full body. We're planning on putting out a figure version of it.

The logo has been said to look like some kind of skeletal, medieval warrior. However, upon closer inspection it's pretty obvious it's a skull under a helmet of sorts... but it necessarily may not be medieval in origin. In fact, the helmet seems as if it could be part of some kind of mechanized armor given that the skull within the logo has what appears to be straps and harnesses keeping it within the suit.

I don't doubt that the rest of the body looks pretty cool. Kojima has been an imaginative mind over the years, combining the cool with the sexy, and the bizarre with the technical. I'm sure we'll eventually get a full look at the logo at some point in the near future when the studio is ready to unveil their next project.

While Kojima has been known for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, he also has a strong following with the Zone of the Enders franchise as well. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the logo had something to do with a spin-off of Zone of the Enders.

Gamespot noted that Kojima later joked in the interview with Famitsu that someone should make a game or anime based on the full Kojima Productions logo. In the case of the old logo featuring Foxhound, Kojima and the rest of the team did build an entire brand around that logo with Metal Gear Solid, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a brand new IP being built up around the new logo.

As for Kojima's new game... the only thing we know for sure is that it's going to be similar to Uncharted and The Division. They're still very early on in the game's design, so we have no idea what they actually have planned as far as the nitty gritty details are concerned.

It doesn't appear as if their new game will be centered around tactical espionage, though. He already warned gamers to temper expectations given that he said most people will respond with “that's not outstanding”, but he mentioned that for people who enjoy third-person action-adventure games they may understand it when they play it.

For now, the game is in development for PC and PS4. Kojima Productions joined in partnership with Sony after Kojima was let go from Konami and the L.A., studio for Kojima Productions was shutdown following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

We'll all have to sit around and wait for more info concerning the new game and the new logo until Kojima Productions is ready to make the big announcement.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.