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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has been miniaturized once again, this time making its first appearance on the Android Market. But before you rush out and try to download the game for yourself, it’s probably worth noting that the Android version of LCGL will only work if you are using an Xperia S, Xperia ion or Xperia PLAY phone.

So, yeah, the limited number of supported Android platforms is frustrating but, hey, it’s a start. Maybe we’ll see Lara and her new friend, Totec, searching for the Mirror of Smoke on more Android products in the future?

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, originally a download title appearing on the likes of XBLA and the PlayStation Network, is a co-op adventure game with a big focus on solving environmental puzzles. You’ll guide everyone’s favorite tomb raider and her new cohort through Central American jungles and temples, destroying giant spiders and undead monsters as you try to stop the ancient Xolotl from bringing about an early apocalypse. Along the way, you’ll turn dials, avoid booby traps, puss around massive stones and time perfect jumps in order to give chase to your new nemesis. You know, just your average day for the lovely Lara.

As a way to celebrate The Guardian of Light’s launch on Android devices, Square Enix is offering the game across all mobile platforms (including iDevices and the BlackBerry PlayBook), at a discount of 50 percent off. Between now and July 22, you can dive into one of the best co-op adventures of the current generation for just $1.29. If you have one of the compatible Xperia devices, you can snag the game off of Google Play by clicking right here.


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