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League Of Legends Returns To Mac

Riot Games' multiplayer strategy game League of Legends is available for Mac once again. The open beta Mac client can be downloaded by all interested gamers through the official LoL website.

The Mac version for LoL was pulled back in Fall 2011. Riot felt that it wasn't on par with the PC edition of the game. Furthermore, updates were much slower on that platform. They promised that they hadn't given up on the Mac, though, and it's nice to see them follow through on that promise.

The new Mac League of Legends, Riot says, won't have those problems. Content updates and bug fixes will arrive on the PC and Mac at the same time. Mac-specific bugs will be addressed by a new cross-platform team.

To start playing LoL on the Mac, download the client here.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.