Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Image Confirmed Fake

Not too long ago, CinemaBlend ran a breaking news piece about an alleged leaked image of the new Nintendo NX. The image showed a controller with what looked like a screen over it, and many people did speculate that it was fake and others cried if it was the real thing—not many people enjoyed the design. But now, new information has revealed that the leaked image was actually fake.

Just today, the so-called creator of the leaked image posted a YouTube video showing how he made the fake image, along with a collection of hilarious laughing scenes, further deepening the troll’s victory. You can watch the video below.

I’m not much of a photography whiz, but maybe that explains why when many publications used the Photoshop scanner on the image of the NX, nothing turned up—because it was created from scratch and not a manipulated picture? Or the program they used to scan the photo for Photoshop was just rendered completely useless.

I suppose many fans can breathe a little easier knowing this isn’t the final design of the actual Nintendo NX, which means the appearance of the NX still has yet to be revealed. This is certainly how one Twitter user felt.

The worst part is, some Photoshop nerd out there is silently sitting at his computer, chuckling to himself with his fingers laced on his lab, and maybe he’s stroking a hairless cat and sticking his pinky in his mouth. Well played, troll. Well played. We’ll just sit here waiting for more news about the Nintendo NX.