Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios revealed the release date today for their latest game. Co-op shooter Evolve will be released in October.

The game will hit stores on October 21st in all territories. The release date applies to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game.

Evolve takes place on an alien world in the future. Four players are hunters trying to track down a monster. The monster is controlled by a fifth player. The hunters each have unique abilities and must use them to take out the monster before it becomes too powerful and wipes them out. Evolve will feature multiple game modes and over a dozen maps at launch.

Publisher 2K Games revealed four new hunters for players to choose from today. Here's an image of the quartet from the company's Twitter account:
The woman on the right is Maggie. She can hit the alien with a spear to root it in place. She also has the ability to revive fallen teammates. Maggie is accompanied by a vicious pet Trapjaw that can assist in combat.

The bald guy next to her is Lazarus. He's a medic who can heal or resuscitate other hunters. His personal cloaking device allows him to stay hidden from enemies.

The minigun-wielding fellow is named Hyde. He's the heavy weapon specialist who also comes equipped with grenades and a flamethrower. His personal shield helps him withstand serious damage.

Last but not least is Bucket. This robot can use an AoE cloaking effect to conceal his team. He can also set up sentry turrets that automatically attack aliens. His bag of tricks also includes heat-seeking missiles and a detachable head that can fly around on its own.

Evolve is available for pre-order now. If you're willing to throw down money to reserve the game, you can get access to a Monster Expansion Pack. This DLC unlocks a Savage Goliath skin along with an unknown monster character.

Turtle Rock and 2K Games are also bringing the game to this year's E3, which runs from June 10th to June 12th. If you're lucky enough to be attending the convention, you can play the game at Booth #1301 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. I suspect the game will also make appearances at the other summer conventions like GamesCom and PAX Prime.

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