Sometimes you can’t fight crime from the comfort of your couch. Sometimes you’ve gotta put the bad guys behind bars while you’re out and about, perhaps riding the bus or waiting in line at the DMV. For those times, it’ll be nice to dive into the blocky world of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which has now released for iOS.

You aren’t the hero that Lego Gatham deserves, but you’re the…Okay, enough of that grizzly Batman talk. Let’s get down to business. Lego Batman 2 is now available on iOS, it’s $4.99, and it packs as mean a punch as any of the game’s previous iterations.

Along with Batman and Co., loads of other heroes from the DC universe will be coming along for the ride in Lego Batman 2, including Super Man, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, etc. Lex Luthor and The Joker have joined forces, which means Bats won’t be able to fly solo if he hopes to stop the diabolical duo from destroying his (not-so) fair city.

A whopping 80 playable characters are available in this mobile version of the action/adventure game, along with all of the outfits, gadgets and super abilities you could hope for.

Retina graphics means that Lego Batman 2 will look especially sex on devices equipped with the advanced display, and switchable control schemes let you “play your way” as you choose between classic and touch screen controls.

And, of course, you can expect the usual batch of achievements, Game Center support, etc.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is available now through iTunes

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