You want a sexy game trailer? Look no further than Paradox Interactive's upcoming Leviathan Warships, which is a tactical nautical war simulator. The trailer is crazy cool not because it features $100 million dollar blockbuster explosions, but it features a jazzy soundtrack with a snazzy voiceover, for the ultimate display of sexiness.

The game is set for release on April 30th, two weeks from now and it's the sort of game that fits well within the release structures of Paradox Interactive's low-cost, high-fun game release methodology.

Gamers aiming to bring their naval warfare stratagems to a head and exercise a little nautical dominance can do so with Leviathan Warships. As noted in the trailer, the game sports more than just the typical player-versus-environment campaigns, and if you're really looking for a serious war-effort you can take your skills online and compete against other players in some intense PVP action or work cooperatively with friends against naval rivals.

As is usual for most Paradox Interactive releases, the game will carry a budget price of only $9.99. I imagine the inventive trailer could potentially go viral, making it a very cost effective marketing tool, similar to how Farming Simulator uber-awesome trailer helped gain it a cult following, and Dead Island's trailer helped it move more than a million copies at launch.

You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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