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The game that garnered tons of attention for its engagingly bleak atmosphere and philosophical themes about life, death and limbo will be appearing on the PS3’s PlayStation Network and on PC via Steam, soon.

The confirmation of the game’s multiplatform endeavors came via Dino Patti, the CEO of PlayDead Entertainment. According to the Tweet Dino simply writes…”LIMBO is coming for PSN and Steam... Soon:”

Using keen investigative skills, I figured out (by clicking on the link) that there’s a giant black screen with the words LIMBO in bold letters, followed by the words “Coming Soon” with the PS3 and PC logo beneath it. Dan Rather, eat your heart out. Where’s my Pulitzer?

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what Limbo is, basically it’s a platforming game that deals with venturing through the state of limbo just before reaching the final form of the afterlife. It’s an interesting, and darkly designed game using shades of gray and lots of contrasting blacks and whites to tell a sparse but thoroughly thought-provoking story.

Limbo is the winner of many indie awards and has also shared equal amounts of success on the Xbox Live Arcade. You can head on over to the Official Limbo Game Website to stare at the big bold Limbo letters if you want. I wouldn’t, but you know I figured I would just suggest it for those who are bored but wanted to stay attached something Limbo related. So, yeah.

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