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M3CH Dev: AAA Companies Ship Games Like A Factory Line

It's always nice to know that gamers aren't the only ones who recognize the rut that the industry is in when it comes to creativity and immersion. Indie devs seem to understand where the industry is going wrong, and industry vet Mitch “Exp”, who is working on a high-quality iOS mech game, feels like most AAA titles are being churned out like consumables on a factory line.

In a brief interview with Gamers Nexus, Mitch doesn't hold back his chagrin for the direction of the gaming industry, which either has copy-cat AAA titles filling up store shelves or indie titles just trying to get noticed on a me-too gaming media website...

“All these AAA companies ship games like a factory line – they have no attachment to them. There’s a massive detachment from games. I want to see more teams of our size – not quite someone working out of their bedroom, but not a massive studio.”

I definitely agree. There's a lot of factory-style approaches to AAA games: tacked on multiplayer, predictable single-player, and atrociously dumbed-down AI with cliche Hollywood characters.

His comment also kind of coincides with what Flying Wild Hog's Klaudius Zych mentioned about more studios needing to diversify with mid-budget games instead of focusing on trying to cash in on the next Call of Duty. It would also be nice to see more publishers backing mid-budget games with innovative ideas instead of always going after the $1 billion dollar pay-days with cookie-cutter concepts. The inverse, however, are all those throwaway mobile crap games where one out of 100 might hit it big and make Angry Birds sized money.

Anyways, Small Impact Games is working on M3CH, where it falls within that mid-budget territory, focusing on a core, methodical heavy mech experience as opposed to being a fast-paced third-person shooter.

Mitch and the crew are working on finishing the game up for release on iOS and if things go well they hope to port the game over to Steam for PC. The game will also have a series of additional free and paid-for content to help extend the life of the game with frequent updates.

You can help them get the project finished or learn more about it by paying a visit to the game's official IndieGogo web page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.