Hard Reset Dev Says Almost No One Does Middle-Budget Games

It feels like a lot of articles lately have been starting with “Remember when…?” in the first paragraph. Well, this is another one of those articles but I’ll save you a trip down nostalgia lane.

The new old-school style shooter, Hard Reset is a game that some are saying what Duke Nukem Forever should have been. The developers behind the project feel like Hard Reset could be one of many upcoming games to pave the way for more middle-budget projects.

In an interesting interview with Ars Technica, programmer and co-founder of Flying Wild Hog Studios, Klaudiusz Zych, spoke out about a number of things regarding the game and the industry at large, saying…

"The game industry is very polarized nowadays," ... "Big studios with budgets of tens of millions of dollars for a single game dominate the console market and small indie studios dominate digital distribution on mobiles and PCs. And almost no one does middle budget games."

I’m not sure why middle-budget projects are seen as taboo these days. I mean, it’s cheaper to not do a game on the scale of Battlefield 3 but offer similar features such as destructible environments and vehicles, just without all the glitz and glamour that goes along with DICE’s groundbreaking shooter.

Zych also believes that “Save Anywhere” quick-saves are a detriment to the difficulty of a game, and I whole-heartedly agree. Appropriated checkpoints can make a game both long lasting and challenging, as opposed to saving your progress every single step of the way. Too many “core” games this gen seem to be designed with casuals in mind. Difficulty also seems to be attached to “perfect AI” rather than challenging AI.

Zych also goes on to explain how they’re gamers first and are totally against DRM (did you read that Ubisoft?) and that other than Steam, you won’t find any DRM in their games.

Hard Reset is a game that aims to capture the PC enthusiast’s craving for some old-school action with new-school technology. Health bars, ammo counter and unique weapons is what this game is all about and it definitely looks, intriguing.

You can check out a new gameplay trailer for Hard Reset below or scope out the entire interview over at Ars Technica.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.