Tuesday is once again upon us, which means it’s time to take a gander at the latest batch of goodies being offered by PlayStation Plus, including a free adventure game featuring an adorable robot and loads of discounts.

August has been a good month to Plus subscribers, offering up games like Hitman Absolution and Bit.Trip Runner 2 on the PlayStation 3, Darkstalkers Chronicle on the PSP/Vita and more sales than you can shake a stick at.

The final week of September will stay true to form, making available yet another Vita game and, of course, loads more savings on games you might not have gotten around to purchasing yet.

For starters, Machinarium hits Plus this month as a free download for the Vita, giving players a chance to take this award-winning adventure game from Amanita Design for a spin on the go. In Machinarium, you take on the role of a tiny robot who decides to gather up some new friends and escape the city. A sort of point and click adventure, your job will be to explore the 2D landscapes, pick up random objects and combine them in creative ways to solve puzzles, open doors or thwart the baddies.

Now, I know what you’re saying: “But Machinarium was already on Plus a few months ago!” This is true, but that was the PlayStation 3 version of the game. You have to remember that not everybody with Plus has a PS3 and the portable fans need some love, too. Also, just because you can play it on your home console doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to play it on the go, right? The point is, Machinarium is a wonderful little game and now even more people can experience it.

The rest of this week’s Plus update is all about the savings. First up, Spelunky is finally arriving on Sony consoles this week and, as part of the PS Vita Summer Select promotion, the Vita version will be discounted from $14.99 down to $11.99 for one week only. A cross-buy title, you can grab Spelunky for the Vita at the discounted price and also download it to your PlayStation 3 at no additional charge.

Also being discounted for Vita this week is Draw Slasher, the touch-infused zombie slicing game where you play a ninja with a thirst for vengeance. Usually selling for six bucks, you can grab it through Plus this week for just $3.

Finally, while everyone on PSN can enjoy up to 65 percent off of the 2013 PAX Prime Indie Game Sale, that discount climbs to 75 percent off for Plus members this week, allowing you to save big on games like Penny-Arcade Adventures, Closure, Zombie Tycoon 2 and Dyad. For a full list of games and their prices, check out the official announcement.

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