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Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Xbox One, PS4, PC

The next-generation is nearly upon us and Avalanche Studios has gone on ahead and unleashed their new beast: brief glimpses of gameplay for their upcoming rendition of Mad Max. The gameplay video looks good enough to have fooled most gamers to believe it was all CGI. Now that's some post-apocalyptic righteousness right there.

The game uses a lot of the established mechanic assets from Avalanche Studios' Just Cause series. I'd like to imagine that the driving has been weighed down compared to what it was in the JC series. For those who don't know, Just Cause is one of those open-world games where the vehicles handled like they were boats on wheels, floating down the road like a canoe on a river.

However, based on the footage above, it appears Avalanche is giving gamers a much more grounded experience with the vehicles. This is definitely the right step in a good direction because Mad Max is all about the vehicles, and having something weighty and established will give gamers the kind of visceral feeling of road-based combat the way the game needs.

Exactly how players will take on the role of a road warrior hasn't fully been disclosed, but we have up until 2014 for Avalanche to dole out some details on this highly anticipated title. We do know that the game will sport melee combat, vehicle customization and some minor firearms use.

There is one problem – sort of major – that was spotted in the new video. Max looks like generic gruff dude from video game protagonist class 101. It's a little like “WTF Avalanche?”

After giving us a distinctly unique desperado in Rico Rodriguez, I was kind of expecting that they would have given Max a bit more distinction. I understand they can't use the likeness of Mel Gibson (which, honestly would have put some of us in a fanboy coma) but the least they could have done was not make him look like he came out of the Sam Fisher Conviction Cloning Facility.

However, my gripe is probably considered a minor one amongst many gamers and doesn't really hold a lot of weight given that the game is still a ways off from completion. That's not to mention that Avalanche could always give Max a minor makeover so he doesn't look like one of the scruggly-faced default dudes from Poser 3.0.

You can check out the original teaser for the game below just in case you were looking for a bit more to chew on while you take on the long, uncompromising wait for the open-world action-driving title.

For additional information feel free to pay a kind visit to the official Avalanche Studios website.

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