Just Cause 2 Gets Blood Dragon Treatment Courtesy Of Modders

Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 2 has almost reached Grand Theft Auto status. I'm not talking about epic, iconic sales and super, mega-monolithic integration into our everyday culture... no, I'm talking about mod status. Gamers have gone over and beyond to add all sorts of ridiculous, over-the-top, amazing things to Just Cause 2, and the latest not-quite-a-total-conversion for the game adds a bit of Blood Dragon to the palette.

DSO Gaming spotted the collection of modifications bundled together to create a crazy, colorful, neon-engulfed atmosphere for Just Cause 2, making it look like the distant, lesser significant cousin of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Someone basically described the very vibrant and distinct look of the Blood Dragon'd game as if saturation inhaled some trippy shrooms and then vomited over a stable of eviscerated My Little Ponies. I think that accurately sums up the over-saturated and sharply colored look of the mod, but I mean that in a good way.

In addition to the game getting a color makeover as if it spent a little too much time surfing the Bravo channel, the game was equipped with some other useful modifications, including a turbo-boosted parachute, a super car, a space rocket, HD clouds and – in case you were wondering who the heck that pajama-suit wearing freak in the video is – a superman skin.

With all these mods combined together, it embraces the power of the Blood Dragon and just short of an awesome soundtrack and some spiffy lo-fi hand-animated sequences, you have yourself a nice little Blood Dragon-esque experience encapsulated within the confines of Just Cause 2.

Who knew old things but good things could influence people to make newer versions of old things for new things? I certainly didn't see it coming.

You, too, can emblazon the skies in Just Cause 2 with your rocket-powered parachute and super rocket car while wearing loose-fitting red underwear over some sloppy spandex, by downloading all the mods linked through the DSO Gaming page. The folks over there were kind enough to not only link to each of the mods but also provide a brief description so you know exactly what it is you're downloading.

I just can't wait for the faction wars to get finalized for the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta. It's basically a mode that turns Just Cause 2 into an open-world version of Battlefield. Then again, you could always combine the mods for a Battlefield meets Blood Dragon meets Just Cause 2 mash-up. Now that's news worthy.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.