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Mad Max PS4, Xbox One Gameplay Trailer Coming Monday

Avalanche Studios will be revealing a gameplay trailer for their next-gen Mad Max title on Monday, the studio has announced. This will be the first in-game footage revealed for the open-world, post-apocalyptic game.

Mad Max is based on a film series of the same name. It imagines a future in which the Earth has been devastated by war. The world's supply of oil has been all but exhausted. As a result, civilization has broken down. Bandit gangs steal whatever supplies they want and kill anyone in their way. The titular Max is a lone wanderer in this world, traveling across the wasteland in his muscle car.

The first cinematic trailer for Mad Max was shown during E3. In the trailer, Max approached a wounded bandit and prepared to finish him off. He decided against it, though - bullets are scarce, after all. Avalanche really nailed the look and feel of the films in that trailer, but we'll see whether the gameplay trailer follows the trend.

As you might imagine from that first trailer, Mad Max is not a peaceful game. Bullets are scarce but not scarce enough that you won't be shooting people left and right. E3 previews revealed that players will wield a sawed-off shotgun and makeshift sniper rifle, among other guns. If need be, he can rely on a range of melee weapons including bricks, electric prods, and knives. Players can choose whether to be stealthy or aggressive.

Vehicle combat is a huge component of the game. Max will start out with a rickety car called the Magnum Opus and over time find equipment to upgrade it. Players will be able to boost every aspect of the car, including its durability, speed and ramming capability. They can also add a harpoon gun to the car that can be used to impale enemies or tie two vehicles together.

I was a bit disappointed when they announced Mad Max, as I was sort of hoping that Just Cause 3 would be Avalanche's next game. Everything I've heard about Mad Max thus far, though, sounds like it'll be an acceptable substitute. It has the same sort of expansive freedom and ridiculous action that Avalanche has become known for.

Mad Max will launch in 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The PS4 version will come with exclusive content.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.