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Mad Max Story Trailer Travels The Savage Road

The latest trailer for upcoming action game Mad Max has hit the internet, offering up fresh looks at the locations, characters and action players can look forward to when the game launches on Sept. 1. Get ready to clap your peepers on the “Savage Road” story trailer.

“Life is a savage road,” reads the trailer introduction. “Out here, a man with no wheels is a man with no hope.”

In keeping with Mad Max tradition, the upcoming game from Avalanche Studios looks to run on four wheels and gasoline. It looks like we can expect lots of fighting, lots of fast-moving war vehicles, and even some fighting while in/on/surrounded by fast-moving war vehicles.

Pardon the terrible pun, but the Mad Max game is on a roll at this point. The most recent trailer showed off a fighting system and world exploration that looks like the Arkham games mixed with the recent and equally fantastic movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. Now we’ve got a story trailer that seems to promise a well-realized action romp, boasting lots of insane fisticuffs, fast driving, interesting characters and a world that has gone 100 percent insane.

I can’t stress enough how fantastic recent trailers have made Mad Max look, officially becoming my most anticipated title of the fall. There are few things I enjoy better than a game that comes out of nowhere and wows me, and it looks like that’s exactly what I have to look forward to this September.

To help get everyone geared up (Sorry! Last car pun.) for the game, Avalanche Studios Senior Producer John Fuller recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to dish out some extra details.

“As you know, Mad Max is an open-world action adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic universe made famous by the films,” Fuller said. “However, while you may recognize certain elements, it is truly a standalone game with original characters, storyline and setting crafted from the ground up to rival the best games out there.”

This kind of reminds me of games like Shadow of Mordor and The Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher Bay, two games set in a known universe, but managing to deliver an experience that stands all on its own. If Mad Max can hit those levels of quality, we could be in for a gritty treat.

Still trying to avoid humanity, Max finds himself entangled with Scabrous Scrotus at the start of the game, the warlord of Gastown. With your vehicle stolen and nobody to rely on but your unlikely companion, Chumbucket, it’s time to scour the Wasteland for supplies and craft a brand new war machine.

Yep, that sounds like the Mad Max we know and love.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.