Mario Kart: Fury Road Is The Best Mad Max Parody Yet

Someone took the time to completely redo the Mad Max: Fury Road two minute trailer as a Mario Kart: Fury Road trailer. It's pretty badass and features a lot of replacement items in the trailer with Mario Kart-themed items and colors. Check it out below, courtesy of YouTuber Kris Sundberg.

The trailer isn't a complete overhaul into Mario Kart. There's more like hints and splashes of the Nintendo property tossed in amongst all the lovely, lovely explosions. For instance, every once in a while a sound effect from the series will rear its head during key moments, such as one the car gets twisted up into the sandstorm and explodes or when Immortan Joe pops up and the Bowser sound effect kicks in.

Throughout the trailer we see things like altered colors to suit the color tone from the Mario Kart games, as well as things like the Chain Chomp biting into one of Joe's (or Bowser's) minions and sending them and their car into a ball of flames.

There's a slight hint at rainbow at around the 1:03 mark, where the ground is multi-colored but it's such a slight glimpse that fades quickly and is also easily missed with the two cars blowing up. We also see the cow poker turned into a Bowser face. While Max is laying in the sand there's a tattered Mario cap just outside of the camera's view, and every once in a while we'll see a special item box in the trailer where one of the cars will run into it.

The Mario Kart references are played fast and loose and are used intermittent throughout the trailer, such as the banana in the middle of the road spliced with a car spinning out while Max is tied to the front.

In the YouTube comments section most people are quite approving of the trailer but they also feel as if there isn't enough Mario Kart. I tend to agree.

The problem is that you have to look for the Mario Kart references scattered throughout a still-typically Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. I was sort of expecting a bit more Mario, a bit more Peach, some more Toad and a heck of a lot more Bowser. Originally, when I saw the link I was expecting a Source Filmmaker machinima where someone lifted the imported models of Mario Kart racers from Garry's Mod and put them on a desert race track and then recreated the the whole Fury Road aspect. That would have been awesome. Of course that would also take a heck of a lot of time to direct and complete.

Nevertheless, the trailer is definitely good for playing a guessing game of finding the hidden Mario references so if you're into drinking games... there you go.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.