Alvion released a new trailer for Malicious Rebirth, the portable action-RPG for the PlayStation Vita. With the game due out later this month in Japan the trailer seems a little late to the party, but it does showcase that the PSV still has some original titles being released for it, almost more-so than its home console counterpart.

Gematsu spotted the new trailer of Malicious Rebirth, which gives the standard rundown of the story and some of the game's mechanics. As a promo trailer, you get a good glimpse at the gameplay, the combat and the game's atmosphere all in confines of two minutes. Check it out below.

The game looks pretty good. It reminds me a little bit of Devil May Cry meets El Shaddai. It's actually the evolution of the digital PS3 game, Malicious. One of the big new additions to the game is the costume change function that earns you new costumes as you play throughout the game.

Now the real question is when will this game find its way onto the shores of the good 'ole U.S. Of A. Well, knowing that the only companies who specialize in localization are Rising Star Games, NIS America, XSeed Games and Square Enix, I imagine gamers can only look to Rising Star or XSeed to churn out a localized port assuming the game does well in Japan.

If you don't like waiting and you really, really want the title, you can always look to places like PlayAsia to grab an imported copy. Malicious Rebirth is set for release at the end of the month on November 22nd, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.

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