Man Dies After Playing Video Games For 7 Straight Hours

Some 48 year old dude in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan met his end after playing video games for seven hours straight. The man was described as burly and would often head to the internet cafe several days a week to log in 10 hour marathon sessions. However, this time, he didn't make the 10 hour mark and died seven hours into his marathon.

The news comes courtesy of Yahoo! Taiwan [via Kotaku] where it was reported that 48 year old Mr. Liu went to his local internet cafe one day, paid for a 10-hour block to get in his gaming kicks and eventually found himself dead several hours in.

Attendees rushed over to Mr. Liu after they noticed him motionless at the computer, and after trying to wake up to no avail they called for paramedics. However, it was no use, Mr. Liu was dead.

This is not uncommon in the world of internet cafe gaming. It happens rather frequently it seems, as it was just two months ago in July when another die-hard gamer in his 20s found himself on the wrong end of the life-line after gaming hardcore in Diablo III for 40 hours straight.

The general consensus amongst most gamers appears to be that this 48 year old wasn't really hardcore and did not die from gaming overdose, given that seven straight hours of gameplay is nothing and most core gamers can knockout a weekend of gaming that includes up to 16 straight hours of gaming with moderate breaks for food and water intact as well as excrement breaks. Hence, many gamers feel that this guy had some other serious health problems...and obviously, they're probably on the right track since a lot of gamers probably watch CSI: Miami.

As usual, make sure that you have plenty of water, Doritos and maybe a bedpan nearby if you plan to do a marathon gaming session. There's nothing more embarrassing than a tombstone that reads “Here lies Johnny Newb, he gamed for 6 hours without food or water and died”. If you're going to go via gaming: 48 hours or bust.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.