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Marvel Heroes Update Adds Luke Cage, New Missions And More

Marvel Heroes is about to become more marvelously heroic as the game launches one of its biggest batches of new content to date in the decidedly un-heroically named Update 1.3, offering new quests, a new hero, a new mode, synergy systems and more.

Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMORPG

The game proper features 24 heroes from the Marvel universe, each possessing their own unique abilities, skill trees, etc. Each hero can also be customized with a ridiculous number of costumes coming from more than 70 years’ worth of comics, films, animated shows, etc. A free MMO, players can actually unlock every single character simply by playing the game. Sure, you’ll have to play a hell of a lot to unlock all of them, but it’s hard to beat “free,” amiright? Or, if you feel like just skipping to the front of the line, you could also just purchase the additional characters with some real-world cash to show the developers your support. Your call. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money (unless you’re looking for a struggling games journo to support out of the kindness of your heart, that is *wink*).

So what, exactly, does Update 1.3 offer fans of the action-based RPG? Well, while 24 characters is certainly a nice variety, we can always do with more heroes to take out for some thug-bashing, yes? This latest update introduces fan-favorite Luke Cage to the Marvel Heroes roster, complete with his near-invulnerable toughness, massive strength, unbreakable skin and the ability to summon some of his Heroes for Hire teammates to help dish out the punishment.

Another addition from 1.3 is that of a Prestige Mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. Similar to the Call of Duty series, players who have reached the game’s maximum level of 60 have the ability to reset the game back down to level one, with a special color of name text announcing to the online world just how prestigious their accomplishments are.

A new Lady Deadpool enhanced costume has also been added, the trailer for which can be viewed at the top of this post. There are also a bunch of new Legendary Quests being offered by Odin, giving players a crack at the best experience boost offered within the game, as well as the ability to add Legendary Blessings to your artifacts.

Finally, a new Hero Synergy System has been added. At level 25 and 50, each character will unlock their own Synergy abilities that can be shared with all of your other characters. These include things like the Hulk’s health bonus and Spider-Man’s increased chance to dodge.

For more details or to start your own adventure, head on over to the game’s official website.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.