To appeal to the broad and ever changing landscape of the video game industry, especially the MMO genre, Gazillion Entertainment is taking the Marvel Universe Online MMO away from the monthly subscriptions and basing the game around cash shop monetization. Not only that but they’re doing what DC Universe had originally planned and will let players play through the entire story as some of their favorite iconic super heroes. Yes, that means there will be a bunch of 12 year olds running around as Deadpool and Wolverine saying how cool they are while looking identical to a thousand other idiots.

The news comes courtesy of GameSpot, where they uncovered some of the information at a recent press event, in which it was revealed that Brian Michael Bendis would be the lead writer behind the project. Another plus is that Disney won’t have much influence over the game and they are letting the developers do what they do best to make the game exactly the way they want.

I’m curious how the cash shop will work and if it’s going to be similar to other F2P titles where you grind it out to compensate for paying real money or if it will be like Champions Online or APB Reloaded where you can play for free but will need to subscribe to access the good stuff. Regardless, with a F2P model a lot of gamers will have a chance to try the game out before putting any money into it and that’s always the best way to go with an MMO.

So far the game is only planned for release on PC. You can read the entire report from the press event regarding Marvel Universe Online over at GameSpot.

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