Mass Effect 2 PS3 Bonus Content Detailed

When Mass Effect 2 was announced for the PS3, BioWare revealed that it would come with hours of bonus content. Now they've explained just what that content is.

The ME2 Blu-ray will have the full game as well as the following downloadable content: Lair of the Shadow Broker, Project Overlord, Kasumi: Stolen Memory and the Blood Dragon Armor. As with the Xbox 360 and PC versions, new copies of the PS3 ME2 will have codes for Cerberus Network membership. With these codes in hand, players will be able to download additional DLC such as Zaeed - The Price of Revenge and Firewalker.

The first Mass Effect was never released for the PS3 but BioWare wants them to go into ME2 with some understanding of the story. Toward that end, they're preparing an interactive comic that recaps the plot. At times you'll be asked to make important decisions that will have ramifications in ME2. Xbox 360/PC owners' choices in ME1 altered their ME2 campaign; the interactive comic is allowing for PS3 owners to get a similar experience. It will be released through the Cerberus Network as well.

"There will also be some DLC Bundles, such as the Aegis Pack as well as exclusive both Free and Paid DLC for all PlayStation 3 owners such as the Recon Operations Pack," said ME2 producer Jesse Houston. He warns that the PS3 ME2 is still far from shipping, though, so some of these details may change.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.