Mass Effect Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer Is The Perfect Mash-Up

Guardians of the Galaxy fans are waiting for the film to arrive. Mass Effect fans are waiting for BioWare to finally announce Mass Effect 4. This mash-up video should cure both groups' boredom, at least for a couple minutes.

The video uses the audio from the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and then combines it with footage from throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. The result's better than I expected.

The plots of Mass Effect and Guardians of the Galaxy are close enough to make it work. Commander Shepard and Peter Quill are both smart-ass captains with awesome ships who become unlikely saviors of the galaxy. Both command a ragtag band of allies that no one seems to have any faith in.

Their respective parties' even match up pretty well. Quill says that his group has a thief, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac. Shepard has Kasumi, Grunt, Zaeed, Thane and Jack. Also, one of his companions (Thane) doesn't have very long to live.

"I attempted to be as accurate as I could and recreate it shot-for-shot, but a few changes were made; some being creative choices that told a story unique to the games, and others because of the limitations from the game's cutscenes," said creator Zeb Ekeroth.

He tweaked the audio in at least a couple parts. The "I Am Groot" line from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was switched with "I Am Grunt." Rocket's "Oh Yeah" was altered to sound like robot Legion was saying it.

You won't fully appreciate the trailer without seeing the side-by-side comparison video below. Zeb did a lot of work to ensure that the mash-up matched nearly every shot from the original Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. I admire his attention to detail. The end result is a video that makes me want to play more Mass Effect and watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Or maybe just replay Mass Effect 2 while listening to "Hooked on a Feeling." That might be the easiest solution.

Guardians of the Galaxy will arrive in theaters here in North America on August 1st. You can find out more about the film at Cinema Blend's all-in-one guide.

Mass Effect 4 has popped up on Amazon but we haven't seen a screenshot or trailer yet. BioWare hasn't even come up with a title yet.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.