Metal Gear Solid 5's First Mods Are Hysterical

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain players have started creating mods for the open-world action game. Some of the first mods released for the game swap in Revolver Ocelot for other characters with hilarious results.

The first of these mods replaces Quiet with Ocelot. Quiet, a scantily-clad sniper, has a scene where she writhes around in rain and then has a cute water fight with Venom Snake. It's a weird scene, for sure, and it's even weirder with a grizzled gunslinger:

The same mod also makes a shower scene from the game very different:

However, these videos pale in comparison to another mod that swaps out Diamond Dog for Ocelot. Watching Ocelot waddling around like a wolf pup is hysterical. When Snake picks him up, the result is downright pornographic:

Holy fucking shit.This is amazing.-DeboPosted by ED-E on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not all of Metal Gear Solid 5's mods are jokes at Ocelot's expense, though. Some modders are genuinely trying to alter the gameplay in some way,. For example, another fan creation allows you to play as Ocelot. This mod isn't ready for public use yet, though. Swapping out Snake's model for Ocelot's creates some clipping issues with primary weapons. Nonetheless, if you're hoping for mods with an actual impact on your game, it's clear that they're on the way.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a direct follow-up to Ground Zeroes. Big Boss wakes up from his coma and creates a new mercenary army. He then undertakes missions throughout Afghanistan and Africa to earn funds to keep growing his organization. You can find out what we thought of the game in our review.

Pete Haas

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