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We knew there was a lot of Minecraft swag out there, but we had no clue there was enough to start up a monthly subscription service dedicated to goodies from the game. Get ready to check your mailbox monthly for the latest shipment from Mine Chest.
Mine Chest today, proving that there might still be plenty of creative ways to make even more money off of one of the most successful games of all time. Think of Mine Chest as a sort of Loot Crate that is 100 percent dedicated to the build-it-yourself sandbox game that’s had a stranglehold on the industry for over half a decade.

In short, you fork over $29.99 a month, plus taxes and seven bucks shipping and handling, and Mine Crate will send you a chest on a monthly basis that’s packed with Minecraft treats. The crates start shipping out in May of this year and, sorry international readers, but the service is currently only available in the U.S.

Moving forward, you’ll have a regular monthly window to decide if you want to pick up the next chest, but it looks like Mojang wanted to allow for a long runway into this first shipment, hence you being able to buy the first Mine Chest now. And if this is something that sounds even remotely interesting to you, then you’ll want to act even more quickly. In order to get the “Beta Chest,” which will boast even more special goodies than the regular chests shipping in May, you’ve got to make a move by the end of February. As of this writing, that means you’ve got about 10 days and 10 hours to hand Mojang 30 more of your dollars for this special edition of the Mine Chest.

As for what you can expect in the chest, you can probably get a decent idea by walking through the toy section of your local big box retailer or strolling through pretty much any gaming/comic con. From toys and action figures to music, t-shirts, games and more, there’s a ridiculous amount of Minecraft memorabilia out there already.

But even if you’ve already got a collection going, Mine Chest will include items that won’t be made available anywhere else. There will actually be a t-shirt in every box and “hidden just below” it, you’ll find special collectibles and DIY crafting activities that will only be available through the chest.

It seems like a pretty neat service, especially if you’re one of those Minecraft diehards who absolutely, positively must have “all of the things.” We’re interested to see what kind of value folks will get out of those 30-odd bucks, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until May to find out how much value the Mine Chest is packing.