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Microsoft let gamers know that Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be updated with some brand new redstone components set to arrive with the long-awaited and highly anticipated “Overworld” update.

Over on the official Xbox website, they detail how the redstone components will drastically change the way gamers interact with Minecraft. For those that don't know, the redstones in the game can be used to perform a number of really cool feats, including being used to create a working in-game computer or pistons or other mechanical devices. Windows 10 and mobile users will be able to make use of these redstone circuit bricks to create their own contraptions.

The website runs through a list of the advanced mechanical features, such as being able to use comparators, repeaters, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, trapped chests and plenty of other types that can be combined, linked, programmed and designed to create a number of crazy devices, ranging from factories and mining operations to resources gathering and more.

In fact, speaking of mining... there are additional minecart types to allow players to get around in Minecraft on Windows 10 or mobile devices in different ways. If you already have the PC or home console versions of the game it may not seem all that special, but being able to perform certain tasks in the game that weren't there before just adds to the replay value.

There are also new enemies to fight as well, including witches and witch huts. The witches are located out in the swamp area of Minecraft, where players can pick up random potions in a cauldron or use the cauldron to dye the color of their armor.

One of the more popular features of Minecraft is also going to be made available in the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta, and that's the map import and export feature. You'll be able to create your own maps and share them with others. I don't know how people played via mobile or Windows 10 with not being able to import or export their maps... that's easily one of the most used and favored features in the game. Heck, the maps are what really help set Minecraft apart from so many other survival titles out there like DayZ or Rust, because players have built some absolutely amazing structures, from the U.S.S. Enterprise to the Hogwarts Castle, to Minis Tirith from The Lord of the Rings.

And what's more is that there's a new feature for the two versions called Item Frames. Now this is pretty neat because it allows players to take snapshots of their maps and hang them up as a picture frame in their house. It's a world overview map made portable, so raiding parties and group adventures can be planned and plotted out before actually heading out.

They don't exactly say what the specific date is for these updates to go live for Minecraft on Windows 10 and mobile devices, but they do note that the “Overworld” update will be available at the end of the month. They also plan on rolling out additional updates throughout 2016 for the aforementioned versions of Mojang's popular open-world building game.

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