Minecraft Titanfall Mod Ironfall Is Playable And Amazing

On a long enough timeline, everything you know and love will remade in Minecraft, whether it's World of Warcraft or the USS Voyager. The latest example of this rule is Ironfall, a playable version of Titanfall.

"When we saw Titanfall, we knew right away that we would have to try and remake it, to the best of our abilities, in Minecraft," said the creators on imgur. "This is Ironfall, the product of that idea."

Ironfall works like an Attrition match from Titanfall. Two teams of eight Pilots score points by killing each other. The first team to reach 100 points wins the match.

Players can even summon their own golems. These golems crash down from the sky like Titanfall's mechs. You can then climb inside it to gain new weapons. You won't be able to double-jump anymore, though. You're also vulnerable to anti-golem weapons wielded by other players like rocket launchers.

"If you call your Golem in while under a glass roof the Golem will smash through into the building below. Just a fun little effect that we wanted to include from the start."

I would've been impressed if someone had just recreated a Titanfall map in Minecraft. Rebuilding the core gameplay of Titanfall within a game that's clearly not suited to multiplayer shootouts or vehicles is really stunning.

The mod's still in an early stage so there are some limits. While Ironfall may have a larger player count than Titanfall itself, there's a limit of four golems per team at a time. Furthermore, there's only one map so far, a recreation of "Rise" from Titanfall. The development team plans to add more maps and modes in the future, though. Their plans also include new Golems and wall-running.

Titanfall debuted on Xbox One and PC a month ago. The Xbox 360 version will arrive tomorrow.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.